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Platowood’s history reaches back to 1972, when Shell Research was investigating extracting oil from wood during the oil crisis. This research was codenamed PLATO, an acronym for Providing Lasting Advanced Timber Option. Shell researcher Herman Ruyter suspects that the process can make wood rot-proof. In 1989, he first described the current hydrothermal modification process in a scientific publication. When Shell disposes of the PLATO project, Ruyter obtains the patents for the process, together with two other Shell managers. The company ‘Platowood’ was founded.

As a pioneer in the wood industry, Platowood is making fast-growing wood more sustainable. By platonising the wood, we reinforce the characteristics of the wood in an environmentally-friendly manner, without adding any chemicals. That makes Platowood the most sustainable choice for façade cladding, interior installation and many more.

Within the construction sector, Platowood is recognised for its contribution to durable construction. Platowood is the winner of the Hout Architectuurprijs (Wood Architecture Award) 2012, the UK Wood Awards 2014 and was nominated for two other prestigious architecture awards. AHEC (American Hardwood Export Council) and the World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2014.

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